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ance of President Juan Manuel Santos seven months after his inauguration, according to a poll published on Friday. Santos and his government were supported by 72 percent and 77 per

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ed to be back in Caracas on July 5, when the summit of Latin American leaders is to open. But shortly after the video was aired, Venezuela's government announced its decision to p

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photos>>Winter storm chills U.S. Northeast WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- The winter storm moving up from the U.S. southern states has brought heavy snow and freezing sleet to th

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ts expect Holmes' attorneys to file an "Insanity Plea" at his official "Arraignment, " which won't take place for at least 60 days. If Holmes is proven to be insane, it would stymi

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lations, Frank Ruggiero, U.S. deputy special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said on Tuesday. The relations between the two countries are sometimes marred by U.S. comp

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o review their management and legitimacy so as to determine which should be merged or liquidated. The inspection would be carried out by more than 3,000 auditors in a random manner

岳老肥小 -双修明星系统

gration, an official said Tuesday. Incorporating more Caribbean countries into the Parliament will bring the organization a step closer to becoming the legislative organ of the Co